Custom Branded & Promotional Adventure Gear

If you’re a thrill-seeking, adventure junkie, your shopping errands may very well include a stop at Cape Union Mart or Due South to pick up some gear for your outdoor adventures. The living life on the edge individuals are hardcore, gutsy and often make adventures look like a walk in the park.

Successful outdoor adventures require the right gear. From headlights to safety lights and carabiner clips, we meet your adventure needs with safety in mind by availing a selection of quality accessories that’ll put the fun in your adventure without the added stress of worries.

With so many adventure sports, outdoor camping trips, hiking, mountain biking, paragliding adventures happening all-year-round, make your mark with outdoor enthusiasts with branded adventure gear.

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  • The US Basic Bahamas Beach Towel Display to show the various coloours available and the drawstring carry bag

    Bahamas Beach Towel

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  • Sale! The Bodywallet In White Is A Rectangular Shaped Self-Adhesive Fleece Plaster Wallet That Attaches To Your Body.


    R20.24 R19.99
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  • Yellow Enamel Mug With Blue Rim

    Enamel Mug

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  • The Kooshty Summer Set - Phuket is a cotton rich red and white stripe towel with a glass bottle and matching red lid. Packaged in a brown box

    Kooshty Summer Set – Phuket

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  • Sale! The Lumoglow Safety Light Is Made From ABS And Silicone. The Light Includes A Resilient Silicone Strap With 3 x White LED Lights.

    Lumoglow Safety Light

    R13.49 R12.81
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  • Sale! The Magnetic COB LED Safety Light Uses Powerful Magnets And A Silicone Strap To Attach To Yourself. Silicone Band Colour: Black.

    Magnetic COB LED Safety Light

    R38.99 R35.99
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  • Sale! The Orange Multi Function Emergency Lamp Features An Emergency Siren With A Glass Breaker And Belt Cutter. The Lamp Includes A White LED Flashlight And 9 Red LED Beacon With 2 AA Batteries.

    Multi Function Emergency Lamp

    R79.99 R74.99
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  • Red Plastic Whistle

    Plastic Whistle

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  • Sale! The Pro-Lumen 2 Headlamp with 100 Lumens bright COB LED light.

    Pro-Lumen 2 Headlamp

    R74.99 R71.24
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  • The The Reflective Safety Arm Band with two wide relfective stripes

    Reflective Safety Arm Band

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  • Rotar Torch in blue and grey, no batteries required. Two lights streams and a wristband

    Rotar Torch

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  • The Silicone Outdoor Lamp With Storage Compartment with screw off lid and a carry handle

    Silicone Outdoor Lamp With Storage Compartment

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  • The SoBe Slide Light is a plastic torch with a rubber finish. Features include 1 LED torch function and a twist standing lamp function with a metal wire carry handle

    SoBe Slide Light

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  • Black Spark Kinetic Torch Is Made Of ABS And Eco-Logical.

    Spark Kinetic Torch

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  • The White/Red Sports Reflector And Torch Has A Flashing Reflective Light With A 3 Light Torch.

    Sports Reflector And Torch

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  • Strap It Arm Band Light In Black

    Strap It Arm Band Light

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