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Kitchen Knives

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  • 3 Piece Wood Handled Carving Set. is made using wood. The features includes a 2-Tone wood yin yang box, a Knife sharpener, a Fork and a 21.6cm Carving knife.
    SKU: BABH0016KV

    3 Piece Wood Handled Carving Set

  • 6 Piece Colourful Non Stick Knife Set is made using Stainless Steel And PP. The features include 8” Chef knife, 8” Bread knife, 8” Carving knife, 5” Utility knife, 3.5” Paring knife, PP Stand and Colourful knife set.
    SKU: BABH0085KV

    6 Piece Colourful Non Stick Knife Set

  • The 6 Piece Knife Set In Wooden Box Is Made From Wood And Stainless Steel. The Set Includes A Black Hinged Wood Storage Box, 6 Piece Steak Knife Set, 11cm Serrated Blades And 2mm Blade Thickness.
    SKU: BABH0025KV

    6 Piece Knife Set in Wooden Box

  • 6 Piece Knife Set With Stand. Knives Are Made From Stainless Steel With Plastic Handles. Plastic Stand.

    6 Piece Knife Set With Stand

  • 6 Piece Wood Handled Steak Knife Set. is made using Box – MDF ; Knife Handle – Pine ; Knife Blade – Natural Stainless Steel with Mirror finish. The features include 2-Tone Wood Yin Yang box and 6 piece stainless steel knife set.
    SKU: BABH0017KV

    6 Piece Wood Handled Steak Knife Set

  • This Bakelite Steak Knife Set Has 6 Bakelite Stainless Steel Knives In A Wooden Box
    SKU: BA926TO

    Bakelite Steak Knife Set 6 Piece

  • Biltong Knife With A Stainless Steel Blade, Brown Handle And Keychain
    SKU: BAP2230TO

    Biltong Knife

  • Carving Set In A Black Wooden Box
    SKU: BA83065MC

    Carving Set

  • Carving Set in Aluminium Case. is made using Chicken cutter, A Carving Fork, A Carving Knife, Aluminium Case, Curved Designer Handles And A Engraving Plate.
    SKU: BABH0068KV

    Carving Set in Aluminium Case

  • The Cherokee Steak Knife Set Features 4 Steak Knives, 4 Forks And Comes In A Wooden Presentation.
    SKU: BA6150AR

    Cherokee Steak Knife Set

  • Fan Knife Set 7 Piece Stainless Steel Consisting Of Scissors, A Knife Sharpener And 5 Bakelite Stainless Steel Knives
    SKU: BA927TO

    Fan Knife Set 7 Piece

  • The Glendale Carving Set Features A Knife, Fork And Scissors With Wood Handles For Comfort, Extra Strength And Durability.
    SKU: BA6155AR

    Glendale Carving Set

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