Custom Branded & Promotional Cutlery & Cheese Sets

Next to the food restaurants serve, their most common essential is cutlery. Spoons, knives and forks go out with every meal and drink they serve to their customers. Not only are these used to eat food with, but they are also used when prepping and serving food.

A general need to households, hospitals, hotels, guesthouses and restaurants alike, you can allow your family, guests and clients to dine in style with custom cutlery. As gifts, promotional cutlery can be awarded to your target audience while branded cutlery is a need for the catering industry.

With cutlery being an essential and crucial item to the aforementioned, cutlery allows you to never miss an opportunity to get your brand recognised.

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  • The 6 Piece Kitchen Utensils Rotating Stand is an ABS kitchen ware set that inlcudes black nonstick utemsils with a heat resistance of 310 degrees celcius. Odorlous and non toxic material. Includes a rotary stand

    6-Piece Kitchen Utensils & Rotating Stand

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  • The FDA Approved Bon Appetit Cutlery Set Is Made From PP And ABS.The Set Includes A Fork, Knife And Spoon.

    Bon Appetit Cutlery Set

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  • The Champion Cutlery Set comes with one spoon, a fork and a knife. Made from PP plastic.

    Champion Cutlery Set

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  • Sale! The Elephant Cheese Knife Creates A Beautiful Piece. The Knife Has A Ocean Wave Shape At The End Perfect For Cutting Cheese.

    Elephant Cheese Knife

    R199.49 R175.49
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  • Sale! The Emerge Sugar Spoon Is Made From Zinc And Nickel Alloy.

    Emerge Sugar Spoon

    R99.74 R94.49
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  • The Fetzy Bottle Opener Cutlery Set is a compact and nifty collection that includes a knife, fork and spoon in a container that doubles as bottle opener.

    Fetzy Bottle Opener Cutlery Set

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  • All in 1 Cutlery Tool Set made from stainless steel and wood.

    Foldable Braai Cutlery Tool

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  • Sale! The Maiden Cheese Knife Is Presented In A Perfectly Sized Box Foil Stamped.

    Maiden Cheese Knife

    R235.02 R148.49
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  • Sale! The Maiden Condiment Spoon is made from zinc & nickel which is presented in a perfectly sized box foil stamped.

    Maiden Condiment Spoon

    R74.99 R53.99
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  • Sale! The Maiden Sugar Spoon Is From A Tribal Collection Packaged In A Box Foil Stamped In A Gold Finish.

    Maiden Sugar Spoon

    R99.74 R67.49
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  • The Devour Cutlery Set made from wheat straw and pp material.

    Okiyo Heiki Wheat Straw Cutlery Set



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  • The Okiyo Nakama Bamboo Cutlery Set is a bamboo set that includes a knife, spoon and fork. With a cotton drawstring pouch for easy to storage

    Okiyo Nakama Bamboo Cutlery Set

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