Custom Branded & Promotional Candles & Incense

Although candles may have a practical purpose, they are even better for relaxing purposes. Combined with incense, which is believed to purify the air, they bring a sense of balance and harmony to your home.

There’s no better way to end a tough day with a hot bath, dimmed lights, candles burning in the distance and falling into a blissful, relaxing state. With such great benefit to our homes and lives in general, we believe every home should have a stash of candles.

Candles aren’t limited to homes only, they are great for spas and corporate spaces too. And with a wide selection in size, colour and scents, all your candle needs or those of your customers will be met.

Candles fragrances include coffee, sandalwood, strawberry, lemon and lavender to name a few. Light up your client’s lives with some custom scented candles as thank you gifts.

Are you looking for something extra to add to your Valentine’s Day promotion? Add some heart-shaped promotional candles to hampers.

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  • Fill the room with a gorgeous scene with the White Fragranced Candle in Tin. Available in Apple, Orange or Vanilla, and presented in an elegant tin.

    Fragranced Candle In Tin

    R23.90 + VAT
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  • The Hearts On Fire Candle in a metal heart shaped casing with 35g of vanilla scented candle wax

    Hearts-On-Fire Candle



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  • Sale! The Romance Glass Candle is 220g and comes in the colour gold with a velvet rose fragrance.

    Romance Glass Candle

    R239.46 R213.74 + VAT
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  • The Scented Candle in a jar Rose Scented, Pink Candle.

    Scented Candle In Jar

    R24.75 + VAT
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  • The Soft Glow Candle with 215g vanilla scented wax in a glass jar

    Soft Glow Candle

    R70.32 + VAT
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  • Sale! the Twilight Candle in a circluar metal tin and 35g of vanilla scented candle wax

    Twilight Candle



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  • The Zen Lantern is made from plastic and contains a plastic battery operated light up candle. Comes in a gift box and the batteries are included.

    Zen Lantern

    R58.50 + VAT
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