Custom Branded & Promotional Condiments & Sauces

What would food be without condiments and sauces? They add flavour after all! Balsamic vinegar adds an extra flavour compound to salads where salt and pepper are the essential seasoning kit every home and restaurant stocks. Olive oil is a cook’s must-have and honey and syrup make pancakes and waffles all the more delicious.

While these can be found in just about every household worldwide, they are equally important in restaurants. Condiments and sauces are what patrons request with their meals, and restaurants, in fact, serve all their meals with these basic condiments.

Spice up your brand with custom condiments, highlighting your story when serving your customers. Branded salt and pepper and personalised honey and syrup bottles will give the brand the hand it deserves to create effective brand awareness and allows your customers a chance to get to know more about your brand.

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Astral Pharma
Paper plane

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