Custom Branded & Promotional Swivel USB Flash Drives

Swivel USB flash drives are most recognisable by their swivel feature. While their function remains the same, the addition of this feature gives swivel flash drives a unique appearance and acts as a barrier against damage to the drive. The Swivel USB drives can have either a plastic or metal swivel, allowing you to custom brand these drives by means of laser engraving and pad printing to name a few.

They are great for distributing at events, either as a standalone gift or as part of a promotional package. They are available in a variety of colours and can feature both simplistic and intricate designs. Additionally, they sport a loop that allows you to add a keychain and carry them around with ease.

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  • Sale! The Atlanta Memory Stick Black With 8GB Memory

    Atlanta Memory Stick

    R71.24R98.54 + VAT
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  • Black Swivel USB With Lanyard In Plastic Box

    Black Swivel USB With Lanyard

    R59.99R80.99 + VAT
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  • Colour Swivel USB with Lanyard

    R61.49R82.49 + VAT
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  • The Executive Keychain USB is a black plastic flat USB in a silver metal swivel cover with a detachable chain and splitring keyring. Packaged in a clear plastic box

    Executive Keychain USB

    R82.49R83.99 + VAT
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  • The Micro Swivel USB is a black rectangular USB with a 16GB memory capacity and a protective swivel case. Includes a mini metal splitring keyring

    Micro Swivel USB

    R83.99 + VAT
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  • The Okiyo Bakemono 32GB Bamboo Memory Stick is a bamboo swivel memory stick with a 32GB capacity, Packaged in a pre branded gift box

    Okiyo Bakemono 32GB Bamboo Memory Stick



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  • On The Desk One Gift Set in the colour yellow comes with a memory stick and a wireless mouse that include 2 x AAA batteries.

    On The Desk One Gift Set

    R213.26 + VAT
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  • Sale! The Turquoise Rotary Memory Stick Is Made From ABS And Aluminium. The Stick Comes With A Clear PP Presentation Case.

    Rotary Memory Stick



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  • The Black USB 4GB Swivel Is Made From Metal. The USB Includes A Lanyard And A Presentation Box,

    USB – Swivel

    R68.63R69.99 + VAT
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  • The USB And Torch Giftset contains a black Metal and ABS swivel usb with 16GB memory capacity and a black aluminum and stainless steel torch with 5 bright LEDs and a metal split ring keyholder. Packaged in a rectangle metal tin with rounded corners and a window view

    USB & Torch Giftset

    R89.99 + VAT
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