Custom Branded & Promotional Phone & Tablet Holders

Do you ever grow tired of having to carry your phone around all the time? Often forgetting where you’ve placed it and frantically trying to locate it? Cellphone and tablet holders eliminate this stress by making it easier for you to place and locate your phone in sight. These stands make work or watching your favourite Netflix series easy by allowing you to place your phone or tablet onto or in them, instead of having to constantly hold it or looking for pocket space for them.

Armband cellphone holders make running and hiking easy, no more weight carrying you down while running a race. Tablet holders make provision for keyboards too. The advanced kind comes with adjustable levels for ease of use and viewing.

You can place your cellphone holder on your desk while you’re working, catch up on your series in the kitchen while cooking or hit the snooze button with ease in the mornings.

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  • The 3 In 1 Ballpoint Pen With Stylus And Phone Stand Has A Plastic Ballpoint Pen, Wide Clip Phone Holder, Capacitive Stylus, Solid Colour Barrel, Silver Tip And Blue Ink.

    3 in 1 Ballpoint Pen with Stylus and Phone Stand

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  • The 3 in 1 Funny Face Keychain in White

    3 in 1 Funny Face Keychain

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  • 3 in 1 Keychain with Mobile Phone Holder and Screen Cleaner Features Include A Key Holder, A Mobile Phone Holder And Screen Cleaner.

    3 In 1 Keychain With Mobile Phone Holder And Cleaner

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  • The Ace USB Hub & Phone Stand in solid white with a storage compartment for the usb charging cable and groove to place your phone

    Ace USB Hub & Phone Stand

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  • The Anchor 3-In-1 Connector Cable & Stand in black with a metal ring for easy grip

    Anchor 3-In-1 Connector Cable & Stand

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  • The Armband Cellphone Holder Is Made From Neoprene. The Features Include A Separate Locker Key Holder With A Luminous Strip.The Holder Is Packaged In A Transparent Cellphone Packet.

    Armband Cellphone Holder

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  • The Athlete Runners Belt Features A Black Elasticated Belt. The Belt Includes A Earphone Hole , Pouch For Cellphone And A Separate Compartment For Keys With A Luminous Strip.

    Athlete Runners Belt

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  • The Axial Phone Card Holder is a lime silicone mobile accessory. Rectangular card holder with a plastic circle phone grip that can be used as a stand

    Axial Phone Card Holder

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  • Sale! The Axon Mobile Mate Keyholder has a side clip that you can clip on to your phone. It comes with a metallic key ring attached.

    Axon Mobile Mate Keyholder

    R7.49 R7.11
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  • The Body Glove Smart Suit Samsung Tab comes in a black colour with a magnetic closure system, a hard case for protection and a rubberised outer shell.

    Body Glove Smart Suit

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  • The Bradford iPad Folder Is Made From Leather. The Folder Is A5 With A Pen Loop And An Exam Pad Included.

    Bradford iPad Folder

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  • Buddy Tablet Cover with Zip Black

    Buddy Tablet Cover with Zip

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  • The Budget Cellphone Ring & Stand is a square red plastic mobile accessory with an adhesive backing thats designed to stcik to the back of your device as displayed. With an alloy ring to loop around your finger or rest your phone on for display surfaces

    Budget Cellphone Ring & Stand

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  • The Car Phone & GPS Holder is black ABS plastic holder that can hold your deivce or GPS tool, Contains an adhesive backing surface to attach to your dashboard or window and an extendable clip. Shown here with a phone for display purposes

    Car Phone & GPS Holder

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  • The Cellphone Ring & Stand in rose gold, has a tear drop shape and can stick onto the back of your phone.

    Cellphone Ring & Stand

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  • The Cellphone Stand & LED Book Light is a plastic device with a base to securely hold your phone and a reversable LED light with a clip to attach to your reading material

    Cellphone Stand & Book Light

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