Custom Branded & Promotional Selfie Sticks

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  • The Colourful Selfie Stick Features A Clip Holder And A 3.5mm Audio Cable.

    Colourful Selfie Stick

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  • The Folding Selfie Stick Has A Silicone Handle. The Features Include An Extendable Frame And A Stainless Steel Frame.

    Folding Selfie Stick

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  • The Pink Mini Selfie Stick Is Made From Metal, Foam And Plastic. The Stick Features A Metal Extendable Stick With A Plastic Phone Holder And Plug In Cord With A Foam Handle.

    Mini Selfie Stick

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  • The Black Observer Selfie Stick Is Perfect For Snapping Those Group Selfies.

    Observer Selfie Stick

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  • The Photo-Star Selfie Stick Includes A Travel Pouch.

    Photo-Star Selfie Stick

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  • The Selfie Stick With Bluetooth Features A Charging Time Of One Hour, Charging Voltage Of 5V And Includes Camera And Phone Monopod, Phone Clip Holder And Charging Cable.

    Selfie Stick With Bluetooth

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  • Selfie Stick With Bluetooth Remote Controller

    Selfie Stick with Bluetooth Remote Controller

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  • The Black Starstruck Selfie Stick And Power Bank Set Includes A 3-Way Connector Cable And Microfiber Pouches.

    Starstruck Selfie Stick and Power Bank Set

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  • Strike A Pose Selfie Stick Features A Bluetooth Remote And A Non Woven Travel Pouch.

    Strike A Pose Selfie Stick

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