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  • Sale! The Black Disco Headphones Are Made From ABS And PVC. The Headphones Has A Folding Headband With Deluxe Padded On The Ear Phones. The Headphones Comes In A Microfibre Pouch.

    Disco Headphones

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  • The Earbud & Car Charger Set includes a royal blue hardcover EVA square case with zippered closure and net pocket inside. Contents include earbuds and a car charger adapter in royal blue to match the case

    Earbud & Car Charger Set

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  • The Blue Earbud Collector will keep your earphones in one compact container for easy storage and prevent the earphones from unraveling.

    Earbud Collector

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  • The Black Earbud Set is a set of 120Hz - 16KHz earphones that comes with adjustable earplugs so you're sure to have a size that fits comfortably in your ear.

    Earbud Set

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  • The Earbuds in Case is earphones with soft silicone earbud pieces wrapped up in a white plastic triangularcase

    Earbuds in Case

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  • The Earphones in Matching Coloured Case has a 3.5mm audio jack with a cable length of 109 cm, packed inside a round plastic case in a matching colour.

    Earphones In Matching Coloured Case

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  • The Earphones In Moulded Case Features Include Earphones With A Cord Length Of 12cm And A 3.5mm Audio Jack. The Earphones Are Packaged In A Clear Plastic Cover.

    Earphones in Moulded Case

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  • The Earphones in Round Case Come With A Round Transparent Case In Black With A Matching Colour Set Of Earphones With Audio Jack.

    Earphones in Round Case

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  • The White Earphones In Square Case Is Packaged In A Plastic Case. The Features Include A Pair Of Colourful Earphones, 2 Spare Sets Of Buds And A 3.5mm Audio Jack.

    Earphones in Square Case

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  • Earphones in Triangular Protective Case Packaged In A Clear Case With Matching Colour Tray

    Earphones in Triangular Protective Case

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  • Sale! The Black Frequency Headphones Is Made From ABS And PVC. The Headphones Are Compatible Using A 3.5mm Audio Jack.

    Frequency Headphones

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  • The Blue Grooves Earbuds Is Made From Plastic. The Earbuds Are Packaged In A Transparent Case.

    Grooves Earbuds



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  • Hit Earbuds In A Half Frosted, Half Blue Plastic Case

    Hit Earbuds

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  • The Ignitis Tws Earbuds comes with a ABS plastic case that clips open.

    Ignitis Tws Earbuds

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  • The Jive Earbuds Is Made From ABS And PVC With A Silicone Case Made From ABS And Silicone Case. The Earbuds Has A Screen Cleaner At The Back And Metal Split Key Holder.

    Jive Earbuds

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  • The Mainstage Earbuds And Lens Cloth Set includes the earphones and microfiber cloth.

    Mainstage Earbuds And Lens Cloth Set

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