Book & Shoe Lights

A light that is small, portable and lightweight – what’s not to love about book lights? Not only do they make reading easier on the eyes but they also save power and doesn’t disturb the rest of your household while doing so.
For the avid readers who frequent book conventions, promotional book lights will be more than just a gadget, they’ll be a trusted friend journeying with them on a reading adventure. Although the name suggests these lights are meant for reading, their use extends beyond reading purposes. Crafters, musicians, artists and writers amongst many others can benefit from these lights when working at night.

To ensure safety while running, shoe lights, which attach to your shoes, illuminates when running in the dark or misty weather. These shoe lights can also be used when hiking or working on construction sites. For promotional use, these make the perfect accessory on event days such as the Comrades or Colour Run.

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