Custom Branded & Promotional Computer Accessories

Computer accessories are to computers what jewellery is to an outfit, it complements and completes it. And these accessories can ultimately make or break a computer. The PC mouse you’re so very fond of, the cable you use daily, not to mention the mousepad you’ve sworn you can’t live without! And while some of these accessories are mere “want to have”, there are others that are “need to have” accessories.

While a laptop may have a built-in keyboard, computer monitors operate with plug-in keyboards. Accessories are required to have your PC function, perform at optimal speed, to backup necessary data so that you don’t lose valuable information and to share information.

Over the years, these accessories have grown in popularity and different versions, more innovative styles and colours have been made available to users. You can customise them for yourself, your team, your clients as well as for your audience.

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  • 3 in 1 Keychain with Mobile Phone Holder and Screen Cleaner Features Include A Key Holder, A Mobile Phone Holder And Screen Cleaner.

    3 In 1 Keychain With Mobile Phone Holder And Cleaner

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  • The 30ml Screen Cleaning Spray with Microfiber Cloth With Blue Cap Display Image

    30ml Screen Cleaning Spray with Microfiber Cloth

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  • White Aloha Wireless Mouse With USB Receiver

    Aloha Wireless Mouse

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  • Black PU Ashburton Mousepad With Wireless Charger

    Ashburton Mousepad With Wireless Charger



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  • The Bondi Cork Mouse Pad, Material Components Consists Of EVA And Cork With A Size Of 22(W) x 18(L)cm. Colour: Natural. Flipped Up Corner Display.

    Bondi Cork Mouse Pad

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  • White Capsule Screen Cleaner With Screen Cleaner Head and Microfibre Cleaning Cloth Inside. Comes with Carabiner Clip And a Black Square Microfibre Cloth

    Capsule Glasses & Screen Cleaner

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  • The Carrington Mousepad Is A Elegant Way Of Displaying Your Logo. It Is Made Out Of Black Simulated Leather. This Makes A Great Promotional Product.

    Carrington Mousepad

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  • Keep your device charged and it's screen clean with the Charging Cable & Screen Cleaner. The charging cable has ports for both Android and Apple devices.

    Charging Cable & Screen Cleaner

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  • Sale! The Chili Laci Flexible Cable Organiser made from silicone

    Chili Laci Flexible Cable Organiser

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  • Sale! The Chili Spinni Cable Organiser Closed made from silicone

    Chili Spinni Cable Organiser

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  • The Computer USB Fan in the colour blue, with a USB port that can plug into your computer or PC and has a soft bendable shaft to turn it at any angle.

    Computer USB Fan

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  • The Eye Popper Funtioning As A Phone Stand

    Eye Popper Toy Screen Cleaner And Phone Stand

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  • Motion Mouse Pad White

    Glide Mouse Pad

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  • The Blue Grip Mousepad is a fantastic choice for a giveaway at an office or promo event. The rubber grip ensures that the mousepad won't slip.

    Grip Mousepad

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  • The Helix Mouse Pad in the colour white with 3 USB ports

    Helix Mouse Pad

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  • Sale! The I-Spy Webcam Cover & Screen Cleaner is a orange clip-on camera cover with a felt surface to clean your screen

    I-Spy Webcam Cover & Screen Cleaner

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