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Technology has revolutionised the way we operate in modern society. With people becoming more and more tech-savvy, we’ve come to see various innovative gadget and tech products hit the market. From power banks to Bluetooth speakers and laser pen USB’s – describing them as “cool” would be somewhat of an understatement.

These technological advances have required businesses to be more forward-thinking and adapt accordingly. We see technology and tech products being used as tactical marketing tools, implemented into office use and distributed as thank you or promotional gifts to clients and followers.

If you’re the old school type, relying on outdated methods to connect with your clients and audience, we suggest you kick these old school habits to the curb and try out some newer and innovative ways and products. This will not only make you relevant, but you’ll also score credit for being relatable. To get you started, we’ve put together a Gadgets and Tech category you can browse for all the latest and most innovative products.

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  • Sale! The Axon Mobile Mate Keyholder Features A Screen Cleaner And Acts As A Phone Stand.

    Axon Mobile Mate Keyholder

    R15.90 R7.11
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  • Sale! Purple Body Glove Speed In Ear Headphones With Explosive Sound And Microphone

    Body Glove Speed In Ear Headphones

    R159.99 R134.99
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  • Sale! The White Foldable Headphones In Fabric Bag Features Include A Solid Body Colour, Adjustable Head Band, Compatible With All Audio Devices And Packaged In A Fabric Bag.

    Foldable Headphones in Fabric Bag

    R29.99 R22.49
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  • Sale! The Red Optix VR Glasses Is Made From ABS Plastic You Can Attach Your Smartphone To The Suction Pad, Launch A VR App And Watch Movies,Games And Videos.

    Optix Vr Glasses

    R22.88 R9.96
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  • Sale! The Green Power Pack With Cable is made from aluminium alloy and carries a capacity of 1800mAh. This power pack has a DC 5V-1A and USV 1 5V-1A output.

    Power Pack With Cable

    R60.99 R56.99
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  • Sale! The White Segment Connector Cable Has A Micro USB, iPhone 4,.4S,5,5S And 6 Connectors.

    Segment Connector Cable

    R33.23 R14.24
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  • Sale! The Soft Touch A5 Zippered Tablet Holder Is Designed With A Colour Changing PU With Matching Colour Stitching. Available in 2 Colours.

    Soft Touch A5 Zippered Tablet Holder

    R142.49 R134.99
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  • Sale! Lime Chunky Styli With Conductive Rubber Tip


    R20.00 R7.11
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  • Sale! Effortlessly charge your usb device in your car with the Black Swivel Car Charger. This handy device can be easily stored in your car for those long trips!

    Swivel Car Charger

    R24.75 R22.74
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  • Sale! The Silver Harlem Power Bank is simple and effective Powerbank with a capacity of 2200mAh. It's compact size makes it's great to keep on you for backup energy.

    The Harlem Power Bank

    R63.42 R59.93
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  • Sale! White ABS And PVC Headphones With 3.5mm Jack

    Trance Headphones

    R101.99 R42.74
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  • Sale! The Black Tri-Link Connector Has A Micro USB With A Charging And Data Transfer Function.

    Tri-Link Connector

    R35.40 R14.24
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  • Sale! USB Connector Speaker Available In Black

    USB Connector Speaker

    R55.43 R53.33
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