Custom Branded & Promotional Hip Flasks

Some things are guaranteed to add an element of class to a look, a hip flask, even in its raw metal form seems to be one such thing.

An object dating back centuries, has, in modern times gained much popularity for its use as well as an accessory. While it perfectly fits on the hip, as the name suggests, it can easily fit in our pockets too – making it a superb travel accessory.

Commonly recognised in metal form, the likes of the plastic kind have gained much recognition and is a suitable alternative, thus making custom flasks branded with your logo a cheap and imaginative giveaway to clients.

We can all agree, personalized gifts are considered thoughtful and carry more sentimental value than generic gifts – custom hip flasks with a personalised message for a loved one or a valued client is sure to earn you a few brownie points and the possible title of the ultimate gift giver.

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Astral Pharma
Paper plane

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