Custom Branded & Promotional Plastic Protein Shakers

Gym junkies are as into their protein shakes as they are into the gym equipment, one could, in fact, say the two go hand in hand. Protein shakers differentiate themselves from regular bottles in the sense that it contains a “mixer” or device within the cap which helps mix the powder with the liquid.

These plastic shakers are flexible in terms of use as they can easily double as a water bottle. Some are simply designed, while others have intricate detail like measurements on the side. Custom protein shakers can up team spirit. With fitness events known to attract the elite athletes, it provides your brand with the perfect opportunity to sponsor such an event with branded protein shakers.

Shakers have become perfect for on-the-go meals, not only are they perfect space savers but they also require less clean up. You can now enjoy your salad at your desk, in your car, or even in the comfort of your own home.

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