Custom Branded & Promotional Carafes & Decanters

Family gatherings required certain staples – lots of food, laughter, endless chatter and of course those glass jugs granny dug out of the back of her kitchen cupboard for the many flavours of juices to be served in.

These days, modern alternatives have replaced granny’s juice jugs and have been given fancier names too – carafes and decanters. Simply put, a carafe is much like the juice jug you grew up with, only this one has neither a handle nor a lid. They prove to be quite popular in the restaurant realm where you can now ask for your water by carafe instead of having it brought to you by glass.

A decanter, on the other hand, is mostly used to serve wine. They have what is known in the wine world as “stoppers”, a kind of lid to prevent spillage. Both carafes and decanters have made their way to many homes as they did restaurants.

Will your restaurant be having its grand opening soon? Are you looking for minute ways to draw attention? Custom carafes can act as a display for your brand as much as it would serve the purpose of serving water or juice. Likewise, a custom decanter can be an attractive feature for guests on your Christmas table. Custom wine decanters make ideal gifts for the wine enthusiasts, an alternative to the bottle you were opting to buy, saving you heaps of time.

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  • The Elephant 1L Carafe Creates A Beautiful Piece. The Carafe Is Packaged In A Perfectly Sized Box.

    Elephant 1l Carafe

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