Custom Branded & Promotional Heat Colour Changing Mugs

There are many ways in which one can create a wow effect to draw attention, one such way is with the colour changing mug. Colour changing mugs, also known as magic mugs are mugs which changes colour when filled with hot liquid. The colour changing effect is achieved by use of a special oxidized ink.

Their fun factor makes a seemingly ordinary mug the perfect gift as well as a great promotional product for many brands. You can brighten up a loved ones’ day with a personalized heat sensitive mug.

Do you have a friend or family member relocating to another country and want to gift them with something other than a t-shirt or keychain to remember their hometown by? Surprise them with a custom heat changing mug by featuring a local landmark as a reminder of their roots. The endless possibilities custom heat sensitive mugs present are simply mind-blowing!

Magic mug printing can feature as part of your next marketing campaign to boost brand awareness, its promotional value will leave clients with something to remember your brand by for a long time.

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