Custom Branded & Promotional Drinkware & Mugs

Every home, restaurant and office have it. Many retailers stock thousands of it – drinkware is a common staple in varying forms. A favourite water bottle, the treasured set of glassware you received as a wedding gift or the promotional mug on your desk – all proving to serve a valid purpose to our everyday lives. On a hot, thirst quenching summers’ day, we are certain to make use of the tall glass in the back of the cupboard to serve ice cold water or juice in. Likewise, we are bound to grab hold of our favourite mug to serve up a steamy cup of coffee on those chilly mornings.

Promotional drinkware has become an industry staple, with many events happening all-year round – restaurants have not been the only industry to recognize and utilise the usefulness of promotional drinkware. Corporations are using this form of advertising in a number of ways to reach potential clients. Plastic drinkware at outdoor events and parties have provided exposure for many brands.

Promotional mugs are perfect thank you gifts to clients or as giveaways at events. Cheap custom mugs are ideal for the office and can be customized in a number of ways to compliment staff and their individual personalities.

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  • Sale! The 2 In 1 Plastic Mug has a 350ml inner mug and 370ml outer mug.

    2 in 1 Plastic Mug

    R49.49 R38.35
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  • Sale! 220ml Foldable Cup with Pill Holder and Carabiner Clip unfolded in red

    220ml Foldable Cup with Pill Holder and Carabiner Clip

    R20.64 R19.75
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  • Sale! The 420ml Foldable Water Bottle with Carabiner Clip in Pale Green

    420ml Foldable Water Bottle with Carabiner Clip

    R20.99 R16.26
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  • Sale! The Pink 520ml Plastic Mug With Lid Features Include A PP Mug.

    520ml Plastic Mug with Lid

    R27.93 R26.73
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  • Sale! The blue 650ml Aluminium Water Bottle With Black Cap features a solid colour body with a black plastic cap.

    650ml Aluminium Water Bottle with Black Cap

    R54.66 R52.30
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  • Sale! The Ambassador Flask Is Made From BPA Free Material. The Features Include 750ml And Double Walled With An Easy Pour Button.

    Ambassador Flask

    R109.62 R107.99
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  • Sale! The Aqua Water Bottle comes in a charcoal colour, made from plastic which is BPA free. Hold 650ml of any liquid and has a flip open lid.

    Aqua Water Bottle

    R77.24 R60.74
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  • Sale! 330ml AB Grade Ceramic Gold Astra Laser Ready Mug

    Astra Laser Ready Mug

    R52.14 R47.24
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  • Sale! The Bizango Telescopic Straw is a retractable stainless steel drinking straw, with a keyring clip and cleaning brush

    Bizango Telescopic Straw

    R41.51 R40.49
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  • Sale! The Black Boston Bottle Opener Features A Lightweight Sleek Design. The Opener Is Perfect For Getting The Bottle Caps Off.

    Boston Bottle Opener



    Click to find out more information.

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  • Sale! The Bushking Flask And Mug Set Is Made From Stainless Steel. The Set Features A Double Walled Flask That Has An Easy Pour Button And An Auto Close, It Include 2 Stainless Steel Mugs With Carabiner Handles.

    Bushking Double Flask And Mug Set

    R358.04 R337.49
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  • Sale! Orange Caps-Off Spinner That Is Both A Fidget Spinner And Bottle Opener

    Caps-Off Spinner

    R13.01 R12.14
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  • Sale! The Casablanca Wine Set in a leatherette case. contains: corkscrew, leak-proof ring, thermometer, stopper and pourer.

    Casablanca Wine Set

    R348.74 R310.49
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  • Sale! The Crescent Mug is an AB grade white ceramic mug with an orange accented handle and a 325ml capacity

    Crescent Sublimation Mug

    R55.49 R44.54
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  • Sale! Curved Shape Plastic Bottle Opener Is Made Using Plastic. The Features Include A Plastic Bottle Opener With Metal Parts.

    Curved Shape Plastic Bottle Opener

    R7.99 R7.19
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  • Sale! Decanter And Shot Glasses With Coloured Bases In Black Wooden Stand

    Decanter And Shot Glasses

    R149.00 R135.00
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