Custom Branded & Promotional Lab Coats, Dust Coats & Conti Suits

You’re seated in a room full of patients waiting to be attended to by the “doctor”, How would you know who to look out for with many people back and forth down the passage? Out of nowhere appears a gentleman, looking a little different in appearance to the rest. The white coat which he wears, that’s your sign right there, that’s the doctor!

In today’s day and age, uniforms in some industries are necessities. It only makes sense as one wishes to easily identify those rendering a service, ensures a sense of belonging and equality in the workplace and guarantees a “fab over drab” appearance for employees.

The embroidered lab coat the doctor wears with the words “N. Adams, MD Cardiology” which left you puzzled and wondering if it perhaps stands for Mr Delivery of the heart. These suave custom lab coats are generally sported by students studying the medical profession too.

From suave coats to rugged coveralls, also known as overalls. A miner or mechanic mandatory item of wear. By nature, these “suits” are designed to protect the body, a flame-resistant material ensures workers are guarded against a potential injury sustained by fire.

Custom coveralls with reflective detail increases visibility. Designed to cover most of the body and providing protection against chemical spills and stains, branded overalls may not be suitable for the runway but can create the necessary brand awareness your team or brand needs.

A handful of clients we've worked with:

Astral Pharma
Paper plane

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