Sports Shirts

Are you a soccer fan or perhaps you prefer rugby or you’re a laidback golf lover? Whichever sport you support, along with millions of loyal supporters worldwide, there’s one meaningful investment you may find yourself making in honour of your team – we’re talking about the branded sports shirt you proudly wear on game day!

Like many shirts, sport shirts are designed with a purpose in mind. Due to the functional consideration, sports shirts are commonly made from a fabric which is breathable, lightweight and allows sufficient comfort for the wearer. The design is however highly dependent on the type of sporting activity and one will vary from another. While a soccer shirt may be “flowy”, cycling shirts are more form fitting.

Custom soccer shirts showcase not just the individual players’ name and number but also the teams’ logo and often their sponsor too. Tradition on game day will have a fan proudly wearing his rugby shirt while standing around the fire with his drink in hand and a braai chop sizzling away.

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