With a vast amount of history attached to it and the evolution of the garment through the centuries, there’s no denying the sophistication this item of clothing brings to an outfit.

Waistcoats, a notable item of wear worn by a groom and his groomsmen on his wedding day, generally as an under-garment, showcasing elegance and style have made its mark amongst the selection of formal attire and is ever-growing. Though considered more of an under-garment, waistcoats can be worn on its own too.

The use of a waistcoat is not limited to a groom, many high-end restaurants have waiters sporting a waistcoat as part of their uniform adding class to their outfit and provide a highly perceived representation of the brand.

Embroidered waistcoats eloquently display a brand’s logo while printed waistcoats are ideal for the groom and his groomsmen to showcase their names or quirky text suitable to their respective personalities.

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