Custom Branded & Promotional Pullovers

Identifiable by its lack of sleeves and v-cut neckline, pullovers often associated with and regarded as an item mainly worn by the older generation has been greatly misjudged. Modern times has seen this once dull and dreary item make a name for itself for all the good reasons.

The history of the pullover has seen it filter through many seasons with it gaining initial popularity in the 1950’s as an addition to an outfit. The 70’s gave rise to custom pullovers by means of various bold patterns. Golfers, businessmen and schools alike have seen branded pullover jerseys make its mark in modern times.

Corporate wear has taken on the likes of the pullover too, with many businesses opting for the embroidered pullover as a means to showcase their brand to clients. Though once regarded as drab, the transformation it has seen over the years has given a classic look to an outfit, more so when paired with a formal shirt, jeans and smart shoes.

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