Bodywarmers, the ideal form of outerwear allowing one to have their bread buttered on both sides. It not only serves as both a smart casual and complete casual accompaniment to an outfit, but it additionally allows one to keep warm and cool at the same time.

The versatility of a bodywarmer makes it perfect to wear both a formal shirt or a sweater underneath. While the more “old-fashioned” kind can be found in fleece fabric and are more suitable to pair with a smarter outfit, the modern-day variety include puffier warmers as well as ones with hoods which is often lined with fur. Embroidered bodywarmers are favourable in the corporate industry, and somewhat of a staple amongst those in management positions.

Perfectly suitable for sporting activities too, the lightweight, sleeveless jacket provides you with warmth without restricting your arms, which you may find better put to use climbing those rocks.

The industry has additionally made provision for kids with custom bodywarmers available in character form, further extending its inclusivity.

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