Custom Branded & Promotional Bandanas

A now more fashion-forward form of headwear, with an abundance of uses, has been in and out of the spotlight over the years. Bandanas are gender neutral pieces of headwear perfectly suitable to be worn around the neck too. Its fashion and practical purpose are both rooted in its ability to hold back our hair.

Custom bandanas allow for an unlimited selection of colours and patterns, suiting the preference of each wearer. The 70’s saw bandanas peak in popularity, with women fashionably sporting it in many forms. Modern times has seen the use of the bandana around the head make its 70’s comeback, giving its wearer a retro and vintage look. The 90’s saw the rise to bandanas being featured amongst many hip-hop artists and worn in music videos, thus making it an item of interest to the masses.

Custom printed bandanas range from skulls and the classic print as we often seen worn by bikers who also use bandanas as protective gear for their faces, to dainty and elegant designs suitable for the likes of kids too. Branded bandanas make for the perfect giveaway as it’s different to the conventional giveaway items of choice.

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  • The Cadence Tubular Bandana Is Made From Soft And Stretchy 100% Polyester. The Bandana Can Be Worn As A Head Band, Beanie, Pirate Style, Cap, Bandana Or A Wrist Band, The Bandana Is Wind Resistant, Breathable, Wicks Perspiration And Quick Drying.

    Cadence Tubular Bandana

    R49.98 + VAT
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  • The Daria Bandana in the colour red, made from microfiber and can be used for anything and any occasion.

    Daria Bandana

    R22.64 + VAT
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  • The Flexi Tubular Bandana is a lime green 120 gsm polyester headwear item designed to cover your nose and mouth for protection, and can be worn 9 other ways

    Flexi Tubular Bandana

    R23.24 + VAT
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  • The White Multifunctional Headwear Is Made From Cotton Spandex. The Headwear Can Be Worn As A Scarf, Bandana, Head Cover And Buff.

    Multi Functional Headwear

    R30.88 + VAT
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  • Multipurpose Tubular Headwear

    R45.00 + VAT
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  • Plain Bandana

    R25.43 + VAT
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  • The Premium Multifunctional Headwear is a fabric headear item designed to be worn as snood like scarf or pulled up around the lower half of the face

    Premium Multifunctional Headwear

    R29.93 + VAT
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