Sunvisor Caps

Sunvisors are a sporting holy grail, purposefully designed for outdoor sports use. Simplistically composed makes it an underrated, yet highly valued sporting accessory as it acts as the barrier between an athlete and the harsh sun.

Notably, an accessory sported by many golfers and tennis players, promotional visors have also been donned by athletes at the beach or sunny outdoor events.

If you’re looking to attract attention as Tiger Woods does with his custom golf visor and matching swing, then custom visors branded with your logo could be used as giveaways at outdoor events.

Embroidered custom sun visors are classy and long-standing, making for the perfect reusable cap if you’re an athlete as well as the perfect giveaway for teams your brand wishes to support.

Additionally, known to be a hit during athletics season at schools where kids and teachers alike spend endless amounts of hours being exposed to direct sun and needing the necessary shield, sun visors provide lightweight protection on those long days.

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