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If you’re a woman, you’re more than likely have one hidden in the back of your closet or you have one part of your closet set aside for your collection. If you’re a man, unless you’re Scottish whereby it’s traditional to wear or you’ve travelled through the centuries to join us in modern times, this item of wear may not suit your taste – yes, we are talking about THE SKIRT!

A denim mini for a night out in town or the pencil striped kind for that all-important meeting, custom skirts are suited for the occasion.
While the business world has made room for corporate skirts, they are popularly sported by scholars as part of their uniform in varying materials, styles and colours.

Printed skirts, as we may find in the Scottish culture and the fashion world showcase bold and daring designs.

Whether long or short, casual or formal; its ability to show off our tanned and neatly shaven legs is a definite confidence booster. Over time, the revolution of skirts has taken a more fashion-forward approach and a step away from the one-dimensional style and form we have known skirts to stem from.

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