A summer essential for men and women alike, shorts are little gems often undervalued. On a hot, summer’s day when the sun is blazing, shorts provide ease of comfort to move about without feeling constricted and uncomfortable. Its uses are limitless and have proven to be a suitable form of attire for the office on casual Friday too.

Through the year its popularity has revolutionized its usefulness to everyday individuals as well as various industries. Sports activities call for its own kind of shorts, designed as both durable and functional for each respective sporting activity. Likewise, we have found beach shorts better known as boardshorts to be specifically designed with beachgoers in mind. These custom shorts constructed of a material which allows sand to slide off, rather than collect and remain entrapped, it also offers breathability and dries quicker.

The runway sees models strutting about in the fashionable kind, thus making it one of the bestsellers in retail stores, with printed shorts offering various designs. Though we may consider shorts to be an item for daytime wear, it has been equally suitable for a night out.

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Astral Pharma
Paper plane

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