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Whether you’re heading out on a business trip or attending a wedding or formal event, chances are amongst your many goods there will be that formal piece of attire which needs to hold its shape and form and remain crease-free. Packing this amongst the rest of your clothing items almost always proves to make for a stressful trip as it easily creases. For this reason, the garment bag is a great idea.

With the market being flooded with an assortment of these bags ranging from printed garment bags to custom garment bags, it makes it difficult to choose. Choosing a garment bag needs to be done while keeping key factors in mind. The business and special occasion kind are not likely the same. Size matters – are you looking to carry the bag, or do you prefer the wheeled kind. One key element to consider is capacity, how many garments will the bag be holding? What is the size and length of the garment? While there are custom garment bags suited for lengthy items such as a wedding dress, there are also the shorter ones suitable for shoes. Are you opting for a custom printed garment bag to match the theme of your wedding or the regular kind?

In addition to these key factors, cost and budget also come into play. If you plan on using your garment bag quite regularly, it would be best to invest in a durable bag which will last a long time.

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