Custom Branded & Promotional Luggage Bags

Luggage bags, popularly known as suitcases are a must in every household. Family trips would not be possible without this staple essential. We have all gone through the excitement of packing for a long-awaited trip, piling our suitcase with clothing and necessities.

The suitcase as we currently know it has quite the history, with the initial invention thereof being much lighter and more portable than the trunks used in the earlier centuries. In modern days the suitcase features a large piece of round plastic or is composed of fabric covering a base frame. While older versions of the luggage bag featured clasps, we commonly find current ones with different types of zippers. The most notable features of the suitcase are the wheels attached to its bottom and the handle, making it easier to transport around.

With many to be found either in the form of a hard-shelled plastic frame or fabric – in varying colours, styles and designs, with some available in sets comprised of a larger and medium suitcase as well as an over the shoulder toiletry bag to match, the luggage bag proves to be a long-term investment beneficial to everyone.

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  • The 3 in 1 Tech Luggage offers security behind two TSA-Approved locks. It also includes a cup holder, two USB ports, and a strap in-front of the case.

    3 in 1 Tech Luggage Trolley

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  • The Black Dual Front Pocket Rolling Travel Duffel Is Made From 600D Ripstop. The Features Include A Large Main Compartment, A Side Zippered Pocket, An Extendable Handle, Trolley Wheels, Interlocking Zip Pullers And 2 Front Zippered Pockets.

    Dual Front Pocket Rolling Travel Duffel

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  • The Dual Strap Double Decker Trolley Bag has plenty of space for all of your travel essentials to be stored inside.

    Dual Strap Double Decker Trolley Bag

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  • The Hard Shell Luggage Bag With Front Pocket is an ABS luggage bag. Wtih large zip compartments, a carry handle, interlocking zips and 360 degree tunring wheels.

    Hard Shell Luggage Bag With Front Pocket

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  • The Hard Shell Luggage Trolley is a sturdy bag that you can take with you on all of your travels, it is available in a charcoal black and a stunning silver.

    Hard Shell Luggage Trolley

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  • Are you going away for the holidays? With it's large amount of storage space the Trolley Travel Bag will make sure that you'll have everything you need.

    Trolley Travel Bag

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