Custom Branded & Promotional Sling Bags & Shoulder Bags

Shoulder and sling bags, the ideal on-the-go bag for lightweight travelling. The “chuck-in-and-go” bag is versatile in many forms.

Are you heading to an after-school practice and need a bag suitable for your gear, not wanting to drag a sports bag around with you? Heading out to an evening class with your notebook and pen in hand? Making a lightweight delivery to a client? The shoulder bag is just what you need.

With a padded adjustable strap for comfortable wear and additional pockets and compartments for extras like your cellphone or a water bottle, the sling, as small as can be, offer plenty space.

Printed sling bags are visually appealing, while branded shoulder bags and branded sling bags are ideal to create brand awareness. As possibilities are endless, you can choose from a variety of branding methods to creatively display your brand to the general public.

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Astral Pharma
Paper plane

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