Used interchangeably with the word purse, also referring to a bag used to carry or store personal belongings, handbags are a women’s’ best friend. Whether big or small, designer brand or a cheap branded handed; the vital purpose any handbag serves to a woman is of value.

Let’s face it – one cannot imagine carrying your makeup, cellphone, keys, diary, 10 million notes and wallet in our hands or a plastic bag. Handbags are as useful to men as they are to women – the luxury of tossing their wallet and keys into their partners’ handbag, giving their hands and pockets the freedom of being empty.

Purses in various parts of the world serve different purposes, though some may regard it as an alternative word for a handbag, others view it as an item used to carry or store coins – generally smaller than a handbag and having a different design altogether.

The handbag carries a history dating back to the 1900s, in modern times we find nearly any kind of handbag, including unconventional ones.

Whatever the kind, the handbag holds true purpose and value and will do so for many more years to come.

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