Picnic Baskets

What would a picnic be without a picnic basket? An item sure to add excitement to a day, picnic baskets are just what the doctor ordered for a day of peace and quiet in nature.

Traditional picnic baskets are just what the title states, a basket capable of carrying food items. Modern picnic baskets make provision for cutlery and other picnic essentials, and the evolution of the basket has since lead to the development of picnic bags which has a variety of compartments able to hold plates, glasses and utensils alike.

A selection of picnic baskets and/or backpacks ranging from the traditional bamboo basket to canvas backpacks allows you to choose according to your preference. Custom picnic baskets can vary from the standard basket to a 4-person basket fully fitted with tableware, drinkware and accessories and an integrated cooler.

Branded picnic baskets are ideal for wine estates offering picnic facilities and packages to customers, where they are able to enjoy a day out in the shade with a bean bag and board games as entertainment, while snacks are kept fresh in their basket.

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