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The history of bags dates back to the 14th century where drawstring bags made its first appearance as an item used to carry money. In 1938 the first backpack with a zipper came into existence when backpacks were primarily used for hiking and camping purposes.

Over time we’ve seen an indefinite rise in all kinds of bags, ranging from designer all the way through to character and even trolley bags. In modern times we find that school backpacks are a necessity for every scholar. Handbags are an extension of a woman’s arm. Shopper bags allow for intact goods when making a trip to the grocery store.

Promotional bags displaying your logo serve as perfect giveaways to ensure your brand is recognised by many. Custom and printed bags further define your uniqueness and individuality as a brand. We have however seen the use of these bags not being limited to businesses, with many individuals seeking out their own custom or printed bags for personal use, bringing versatility to the promotional industry.

With a wide variety and many uses thereof, one cannot begin to imagine a world without this handy carrier of goods simply termed the “bag/backpack”, available worldwide in different shapes, sizes and forms.

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  • Sale! The 16 Can Backpack Cooler in blue is made from Durable 600D exterior with a PEVA lining, watertight insulated and padded main compartment.

    16 Can Backpack Cooler

    R194.99 R172.49
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  • Sale! The 3 Piece Travel Bag Set Features Two Tone Design, A Main Zippered Compartment, Front Vertical Zippered Pocket,Carry Handle, Padded Shoulder Straps And Adjustable/Removable Shoulder Straps.

    3 Piece Travel Bag Set

    R374.99 R314.99
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  • Sale! The 600D Seminar Bag is made from a polyester material, contains a zippered main compartment and a carry handle. Book Bag. Conference Bag. Carry Bag. Folder Bag. Colour: Lime Green

    600D Seminar Bag

    R37.65 R36.03
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  • Sale! The Red 600D Shopper With Front Pocket Include A Carrying/Shopper Bag, Front Pocket With Eyelet And Two Tone Design.

    600D Shopper with Front Pocket

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  • Sale! The Black 600D Single Stripe Document Bag Features A Zippered Main Compartment And Two Short Handles.

    600D Single Stripe Document Bag

    R54.66 R52.30
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  • Sale! The lime Alabama Sports Bag features a front zippered compartment, molded side water bottle pocket and an adjustable shoulder strap

    Alabama Sports Bag

    R194.99 R175.49
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  • Sale! Red Alaska 6 Can Cooler Features A Main Zippered Compartment With Aluminium Foil Lining, Front Slip Pocket And A Single Carry Handle.

    Alaska 6 Can Cooler

    R29.01 R25.64
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  • Sale! Andy Cartwright 'I Am South African' Gift Bag is white with a black tribal South African flag printed on the side. One of Andy Cartwrights collection.

    Andy Cartwright ‘I Am South African’ Gift Bag

    R19.49 R17.54
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  • Sale! The I Am African Andy Cartwright Gift Bag is about 30cm (w) x 12.5cm (d) x 28cm (h) in size with tribal patterns.

    Andy Cartwright I Am African Gift Bag

    R19.49 R17.54
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  • Sale! Noovii Maxi Gift Bag

    Andy Cartwright Noovii Maxi Gift Bag

    R26.99 R24.29
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  • Sale! Andy Cartwright Noovi Midi Gift Bag

    Andy Cartwright Noovii Midi Gift Bag

    R19.49 R17.54
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  • Sale! The Anti-Theft Tech Backpack is a padded backpack with plenty of storage space and compartments with zips. Padded and adjustable shoulder straps and a laptop pouch

    Anti-Theft Tech Backpack

    R580.49 R505.49
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  • Sale! The Red Backpack With Arched Front Pocket-600D Includes A Main Zippered Compartment, Carry Handle, Padded Adjustable Shoulder Straps, Front Pocket And Durable 600D Construction.

    Backpack With Arched Front Pocket

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  • Sale! The Royal Backpack With Front Zip Pocket - Non-Woven Is Made From Recyclable Non- Woven Polyester. The Features Include A Zippered Main Compartment, Adjustable Shoulder Straps, A Front Pocket, A Side Pocket And A Carry Handle.

    Backpack With Front Zip Pocket – Non-Woven

    R52.49 R43.92
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  • Sale! The Barrel Shaped Sports Bag in Navy.

    Barrel Shaped Sports Bag

    R135.29 R128.99
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  • Sale! Bobby Urban Lite Anti-Cut Backpack

    Bobby Urban Anti-Cut Backpack

    R1,511.24 R1,349.99
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