Custom Branded & Promotional Pencil Cases

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  • A small rectangular clear 15cm PVC Pencil Case

    15cm PVC Pencil Case

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  • The 30cm Pencil Case in red is an all red 600D pencil case with a main zip comparment and matching coloured zip

    30cm Pencil Case

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  • The 30cm PVC Pencil Case is a clear rectangular shape.

    30cm PVC Pencil Case

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  • The Basix Pencil Bag is solid white in colour with a metal zip. It is in a rectangular shape.

    Basix Pencil Bag

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  • The PVC Pencil Case is a clear pencil case with a black zip closure

    Black Zip PVC Pencil Case

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  • The Carly Universal Pouch is a rectangular greyish pouch with yellow zip. Big enough to hold stationery or make up.

    Carly Universal Pouch

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  • The Claro Pencil Case is a grey Pencil Bag With Red Zip And Tag

    Claro Pencil Case

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  • Sale! Collegiate Pencil Case has an elastic to fit around your notebook. Rectangular shaped.

    Collegiate Pencil Case

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  • Grey 600D Material Elementary Pencil Case With Purple Zip

    Elementary Pencil Case



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  • The Fraternity Universal Pouch is a grey pouch with a orange zip closure

    Fraternity Universal Pouch

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  • The Graduate Pencil Case 600D is solid grey with orange zip closure.

    Graduate Pencil Case 600D



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  • The Grayville Universal Pouch is grey with a black zipped closure. The bag can fit desktop items such as a USB, pens, scissors, adapters.

    Grayville Universal Pouch

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  • The Hover Pencil Case with a yellow zipped compartment.

    Hover Pencil Case

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  • The Visibility Mini Pouch is rectangular shaped and transparent in colour.

    Mini Visibility Pouch

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  • Pulse Pencil Case is transparent and rectangular shaped with rounded edges.

    Pulse Pencil Case

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  • The PVC Pencil Case is rectangular shaped with a main zippered compartment on the front and comes in blue.

    PVC Pencil Case

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