Custom Branded & Promotional Memo Pads, Notepads & Sticky Notes

We’ve all had to quickly jot down some notes or a number while on the phone or while busy, for these instances, notepads and memos are perfect. Sticky notes, especially, are good for keeping track of important notes, dates and events.

Students find them useful when studying. Branded notepads and memos are an easy and practical way to keep your brand fresh in the mind of prospects.

Promotional notepads and memos are cost-effective but highly impactful. Sticky notes are vibrantly colourful and fun, allowing you to be as creative as you wish with limitless design options.

Custom memo notes and pads allow you to display your brand message in different ways and allows you to appeal to the audience you’re specifically looking to target.

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  • The Arrow Shaped Sticky Notes are 25 pieces of 5 different coloured arrows with a sticky surface on a cardboard sheet

    Arrow Shaped Sticky Notes

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  • The Brainstorm Memo Set Is Made From 100% Recycled Paper. The Set Includes Assorted Memo Pads, Assorted Sticky Flags, An Eco-Logical Pen With Black Ink And A 12cm Ruler.

    Brainstorm Memo Set

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  • The Bright Side Sticky Flags with multicoloured sticky notes in 2 sizes, covered with a protective flap.

    Bright Side Sticky Flags

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  • The Calculator And Sticky Memo Set Has A 8 Digit Calculator And 10 Assorted Colour Sticky Memos.

    Calculator And Sticky Memo Set

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  • Recycled Paper Cover Caption Business Card Holder And Sticky Flags

    Caption Business Card Holder And Sticky Flags

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  • The Card Case with Sticky Notes Has A Multitude Of Different Notes For You To Jot Your Notes, Reminders And Schedule Down On, This Cover Is in Red - Open View

    Card Case with Sticky Notes

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  • Ther Carton Conference Folder is a black Kraft paper folder with notepad on the right side and sticky notes on the left. Includes recycled pen.

    Carton Conference Folder

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  • The Cubix Desk Mate to display its brightly coloured sticky notes and flags with a compartment for storing pens

    Cubix Desk Mate

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  • Mini Notepad That Is A6 And Eco Friendly

    Eco Logical Notepad

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  • Go green with the Green Eco Memo Set. Not only will you be able to tackle those busy days easier, but you'll have helped the environment too.. With a flap open storage pad, includes ultiple brightly coloured sticky flags, a pen loop, plastic pen with black ink and a card pouch

    Eco Memo Set

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  • Sale! The Evoke Memo Pad & Sticky Flags has a pad of blank paper notes and 5 pads of brightly coloured sticky flags

    Evoke Memo Pad & Sticky Flags

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  • The Flip Open Desn Organiser With Sticky Notes is made from cardboard. Includes white memo pages, yellow sticky notes, colour stick notes and a pen holder. Open to display

    Flip Open Desk Organiser With Sticky Notes

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  • The Fridge Magnetic Board & Marker is a white rectangular whiteboard with a red trim and plastic marker with felt tip eraser and matching red tip and removable cap with a magnetic strip

    Fridge Magnetic Board & Marker

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  • The Orange Handy Memo with Sticky Notes is a comprehensive desk item. As a quirky and useful corporate gift, it is perfect for the office.

    Handy Memo with Sticky Notes

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  • The Headline Note Pad & Sticky Flags has 5 colours of sticky flags on one side and one mini notepad on the other side. Enclosed ina book like cover

    Headline Memo Pad And Sticky Notes

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  • The Holder with Sticky Notes Contains Self-Adhesive Tabs Of Five Different Colours, Twenty Sheets. Card Cover Exterior. Colour: Brown. Layout Display.

    Holder with Sticky Notes

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