Custom Branded & Promotional Multi Tools

If you’re looking for a gift worth its weight in gold, multi-tools would be it. What’s not to love about a multi-tool? Multi-tools include a bottle opener, knife, screwdriver, scissors and pliers, amongst other cutting tools.

Not only does this genius invention serve many functions and purposes in one, but it is also a space saver. As one of the world’s most recognised tools, there’s no doubting the promotional value of a multi-tool.

If you’re a crafter, adding a multi-tool to your workshop will allow you to get work done in a quicker time frame, without the hassle of having to look for your tools. And why not enjoy a glass of wine while you’re busy, these tools come standard with a bottle opener anyway.

A custom multi-tool is a thoughtful and generous gift for any tradesman, and much like the Leatherman multi-tool gained significant brand recognition since the inception of multi-tools, with branded multi-tools, your brand can also become recognised by your target audience.

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  • Sale! The Crusader Torch And Tool Is Made From Aluminium. The Torch And Pen Kit Contains Assorted Bits, A White LED, A Pocket Clip And 4 AG10 Button Cell Batteries.

    Crusader Torch And Tool

    R28.47 R27.40
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  • The Driver Tool Set Is Made From Stainless Steel. The Set Includes 1 Ratchet Screwdriver Handle, 1 Socket Extensions, 1 Bit Adapter, 6 Socket Nuts, 5 Bits And 1 Storage Case.

    Driver Tool Set

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  • The Flashlight With Multi-Functional Tool Features A Pull Out Knife, Bottle Opener, Nail File, Small Flat-Head Screwdriver, Double Hexagon Wrench,Small Screwdriver, Fish Scaler, Hook Remover, Scissors And A Saw.

    Flashlight with Multi Function Tool

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  • Sale! The Garrison Multi Tool Is Made From Stainless Steel & Anodized Aluminium. The Tool Includes A Knife, Can & Bottle Opener, Corkscrew, Phillips Screwdriver, Scissors And File.

    Garrison Multi Tool

    R70.91 R61.80
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  • Sale! The Grylls Tool Is Made From Stainless Steel. The Features Include A Can Opener, Knife Edge, Screwdriver, Ruler, Bottle Cap Opener, A 4 Position Wrench, Butterfly Wrench, Saw Blade, Direction Ancillary Indication And A Lanyard/Key Ring Hole.

    Grylls Tool

    R8.91 R8.09
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  • Blue Instrumental Keyholder with Flat And Star Screwdriver Tips

    Instrumental Keyholder

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  • The LED Folding Tec Tool Features A Knife, Fishing Line Hole, Awl, Saw,Flathead Screwdriver, Bottle Opener,LED Light, Spring Loaded Pliers And A Nylon Belt Pouch.

    LED Folding Tec Tool

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  • The Mcgyver Credit Card Tool, 11 Functions, Can Opener, Knife Edge, Screwdriver, Ruler, Bottle Opener, 4 Position Wrench, Butterfly Wrench, Saw Blade, 2 Position Wrench, Direction Ancillary Indication & Lanyard Hole. Material: Stainless Steel.

    Mcgyver Credit Card Tool

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  • A Multi Purpose Pocket Survival Tool Has A Can Opener, A Knife Edge, A Bottle Opener, A 4 Position Wrench, A Butterfly Wrench, A Two Position Wrench And A Lanyard/Keyring Hole. Pouch Colour: Black. Tool Display.

    Multi Purpose Pocket Survival Tool

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  • The Multifunction Pliers Lund Is Packaged In A Black Gift Box.

    Multifunction Pliers Lund

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  • The Multifunctional Braai Tool Consists Of A Silicone Brush, A Fork, A Spatula, A Bottle Opener And A Corkscrew. The Spatula Can Be Separated From The Tool And Used Separately From The Tool. Material: Aluminium. Handle Colour: Black. Layout View.

    Multifunctional Braai Tool

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  • Red Rescue Multi Purpose Screwdriver Set

    Rescue Multi Purpose Screwdriver Set

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  • The Scouts Multi-Functional Tool Front is a stainless steel tool and functions include a screwdriver head, bottle opener, ruler and serrated edge blade. With a keyring hole

    Scouts Multi-Functional Tool



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  • Sale! Shadow Multi-Tool & Keyholder boxed

    Shadow Multi-Tool & Keyholder

    R148.79 R137.61
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  • Be prepared with the Slim Multi Card Tool, a survival tool that fits right in your pocket, so you have access to a multitude of useful tools!

    Slim Multi Card Tool

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  • Stainless Steel Springloaded Multi Tool

    Springloaded Multi Tool

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