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Society has become so accustomed to electricity, a power outage is a disruption we don’t wish to welcome. And we have torches, also known as flashlights, to thank for those moments where we’re still able to have some light when the power is out.

There is however more to torches than a mere power supply when the electricity is out. A great benefit to many outdoor activities, flashlights have become somewhat of a staple to some adventures.

Hiking at night? You’re sure to have a torch on your essentials list. Going camping? Your torch will be one of the first things you’ll pack. We love these battery- or solar-powered powerhouses for obvious reasons, designed with function and purpose in mind, different types of torches can meet different needs.

The light size and colour may vary, while some shine a bright white light, others may come in purple or yellow. They also allow us to dim down or brighten up spaces and objects by means of their zoom feature.

Outdoor enthusiasts are particularly fond of torches and distributing promotional torches to your audience will greatly benefit your brand. Alternatively, a custom flashlight makes a useful and thoughtful gift.

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  • The 8 in 1 Screwdriver Set And Torch Features Screwdrivers Folded Into A Black ABS Plastic Body With 7 Screwdrivers.The Set Includes 3 LED Torch At The Top And 1 LED Torch At The Bottom.

    8 in 1 Screwdriver Set and Torch

    R58.11 + VAT
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  • The 9 LED Torch And Bottle Opener is made from plastic has a wrist strap and comes in a red colour.

    9 LED Torch and Bottle Opener

    R26.99 + VAT
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  • The 911 Emergency Light Is Made From ABS Plastic And LED Lights. The Light Has A Safety Belt Cutter, A Break Glass Safely Hammer And Magnets On The Base Of The Tool. 2 AA Batteries Are Included.

    911 Emergency Light

    R136.58 + VAT
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  • The Alert Safety Light is an emergency safety torch with three light settings: A red static light, a red flashing light as well as a white static light.

    Alert Safety Light

    R78.60 + VAT
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  • The Brightforce Torch is a gun metal colour anodised aluminum tube light torch with 9 bright white LED lights and a built in carabiner clip, making it easy to attach to your bag or belt loop. Includes 3 x AAA batteries

    Brightforce Torch



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  • The Camping Light With Carry Handle Has An On & Off Button, Includes Batteries & Has A Compass On Top In Colour - Black.

    Camping Light with Carry Handle

    R38.99 + VAT
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  • The Carabiner Light with 6 COB LEDs. Colour: Green.

    Carabiner Light with 6 COB LEDs

    R22.49 + VAT
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  • The Cellphone Stand & LED Book Light is a plastic device with a base to securely hold your phone and a reversable LED light with a clip to attach to your reading material

    Cellphone Stand & Book Light

    R27.00 + VAT
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  • The CSI Torch Includes A Pocket Clip And Batteries.

    CSI Torch

    R24.75 + VAT
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  • Sale! The black Dynamix Kinetic Torch is eco-riendly and operates without batteries including an attached wrist strap.

    Dynamix Kinetic Torch

    R13.49 R12.81 + VAT
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  • Dynamo Torch With 2 LED Lights Available In Black

    Dynamo Torch

    R11.76 + VAT
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  • The Flashlight Torch with Magnet is a sleek multi-functional torch with a handy magnet that comes complete in a white box.

    Flashlight Torch with Magnet

    R19.41 + VAT
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  • The Forza Flashlight and Bottle Opener is phenomenal tool to keep handy at all times. It contains an LED flashlight, a bottle opener and a magnet.

    Forza Flashlight and Bottle Opener

    R31.25 + VAT
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  • Light Bulb Keyring - Turquoise

    Light Bulb Keyring

    R11.09 + VAT
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  • Long LED Flashlight With Aluminium Body And Textured Body For Extra Grip

    Long LED Flashlight

    R86.99 + VAT
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  • The Metal Pocket Torch with LED Lights Is Attached To A Metal Trigger Clip. Torch Colour: Red.

    Metal Pocket Torch with LED Lights

    R20.91 + VAT
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