Custom Branded & Promotional Collapsible & Foldable Water Bottles

Are you about to venture off on your yearly family trip, your car jampacked with not nearly enough space to breathe or to store a bottle for your 6-hour drive? Fear not, collapsible water bottles are ideal space savers.

They are highly versatile and can be used in various ways. Their accompanying carabiner clip also makes it easily transportable. Think music festivals, holidays clubs, outdoor events, all of which requires less to do and enjoy more – thus making promotional collapsible water bottles the deal sealer for maximum brand exposure.

Furthermore, custom collapsible water bottles could make magnificent back to school gifts for the kids. This will also allow them to achieve the recommended daily water intake. They are also a fun alternative to the plastic, glass and mental kind which not only takes up more space but also prove to be heavier both filled and empty.

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