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Coffee is undeniably a must for many, the satisfaction that first morning sip brings as it trickles down your throat is priceless. Many may go as far as stating their day cannot begin or their world would come to a standstill without their morning caffeine fix.
As much as we appreciate the pleasure coffee provides, it is not often that we show appreciation for the coffee mug – the vessel which ultimately holds our fix. Could you imagine your coffee being served to you in a wooden mug? Probably not, though historically, the initial mug was in wooden form.
Changing times has however paved the way for what we traditionally know the mug to look like in modern times, and the endless choices in custom coffee mugs never ceases to amaze. Design options vary more and more, with words and quotes and even pictures being featured on mugs – proving what a great gift a coffee mug can make.
Does your company have branded coffee mugs? If not, get some – they are a worthwhile investment for both clients and staff. Imagine having a meeting in your boardroom with a potential client and serving them coffee in company branded mugs, not only does it create a more professional image, it is also highly impressionable.

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  • Lime Green bodied mug with white inside. Mug has a standard mug shape and holds 330ml of liquid.

    2 Tone Ceramic Mug

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  • The Black/Red 300ml Stoneware Chalk Board Mug Has A Black Drawing Panel With A Classic Shape And One Piece Of Chalk.

    300ml Stoneware Chalk Board Mug

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  • The Royal 345ml Ceramic Mug with Spoon Features A Contrast Colour Interior, Handle With Spoon And Ceramic Spoon.

    345ml Ceramic Mug with Spoon

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  • 354ml Everyday Ceramic Mug Features A Ceramic Mug With A Matching Colour Handle.

    354ml Everyday Ceramic Mug

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  • The 400ml Bamboo Cup is biodegradable and Eco-Friendly, comes in a natural colour.

    400ml Bamboo Cup

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  • Blue striped tribal design at the bottom of the white AB graded ceramic mug with handle. Matching tribal themed box with cup.

    Andy Cartwright ‘I Am South African’ Coffee Mug

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  • The Andy Cartwright Geo Coffee Mug with a black and white stripe design and black detail in a box with matching detail

    Andy Cartwright Geo Coffee Mug

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  • The Astoria Bamboo Tumbler is a Eco friendly travel mug that has a sipping lid and band in a matching colour.

    Astoria Bamboo Tumbler

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  • Sale! 330ml AB Grade Ceramic Gold Astra Laser Ready Mug

    Astra Laser Ready Mug

    R52.14 R47.24
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  • The Bamboo Cup is made from 50% Bamboo fibre and 50% PP plastic, the pastel pigment of these mugs make it stand out from the rest so be sure to brand it with your logo and watch the heads turn. Colour: Pink

    Bamboo Cup

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  • The Bamboo Tumbler is made from 50% Bamboo Fibre and 50% PP Plastic, strong and sturdy alternative to one use plastic cups that litter our environment, go green in style. Colour: Green - Open View

    Bamboo Tumbler

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  • The White Big Friendly Giant Mug Is Made From Ceramic. The Mug Has A 600ml Capacity.

    Big Friendly Giant Mug

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  • The Blanco Mug is a white AB grade ceramic mug and holds up to 330ml.

    Blanco Mug

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  • The Blank Canvas Sublimation Mug in a solid white colour, example of branding.

    Blank Canvas Sublimation Mug

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  • The Royal Ceramic Mug With Matching Base Features A White Body And Matching Colour Base. The Mug Includes Colour Handle And Interior.

    Ceramic Mug with Matching Base

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  • The Royal Blue Ceramic Mug with Silicone Grip is perfect for an on-the-go lifestyle. The included silicone lid and band are available in a range of bright colours!

    Ceramic Mug with Silicone Grip

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